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Bentley and his nephew Winston

Winston likes the biscuits; however, Bentley is obsessed with them! Thus the name!!!


A 135lb Rhodesian Ridgeback. Bentley has taught him to whine and sigh loudly while lying on the floor in front of the Biscuit Jar!


Originally from Mexico, this girls bag of tricks is quite impressive. From high fives to low fives and even a “fist pump”, she speaks and spins and in general, learns most behaviors within three tries.

Jet alias “Needy Dog”.

The name says it all!

Gilligan and Brinkley

Gilligan and Brinkley are Bentley and Winston’s favorite BFF! Havanese pups with the most happy and playful spirit! They like the Health Dog with Pumpkin, but their mom likes it even more and takes them to work with her!


Stella – In from Manhattan to visit her best friend Ester! Known for her Therapy Dog talents at airports across the country.

Holly, Piper and Phoebe

Merry Christmas from Holly, Piper, Phoebe and Marilyn!

Ellie May

Ellie May is the pet of one of our favorite servers at our favorite restaurant “Veneto Trattoria” in Scottsdale!

Bentley and Belle

Bentley and Belle (The Blonde/Brown Shih-Tzu) are the best friends of a good Samaritan that came to my rescue while setting up a promotion in front of AJ’s one morning!

The Kids from Durango

The size of these treats is perfect for training and playing. I have a 8 mo old baby so I spend a lot of my time in the house. I have to entertain the dogs, so I like to hide treats all over the house for them to find them…


A 25 lb Mainecoon cat has proven to us that even cats can appreciate the intense flavors offered in a Bentley’s Biscuit! His human tried breaking the Chicken flavored Tidbit in two and “wa la” ..he liked it! Sounds like a candidate for our Itty Bitty size for Toy Breeds/Training and now Felines!

Joey and Tanner

Tanner is already exhibiting that wild eyed look so often associated with a Friend of Bentley!


Molly is a 14 year old Rat Terrier that fell in love with her new found treats. This is the perfect snack to reward while meeting her special dietary requirements.


A Toy English Spaniel and her friend, Nikki – A Shih Tzu


A Bearded Collie from “Femme de Paris” at the Borgata and the dog she rescued, Kaya!


Yes, my name is Bentley! Or (No Bentley) as my mother often calls me!


I never go anywhere without by Bentley’s Biscuits. My favorite flavor is Peanut Butter, which my Mom thinks is funny, because my name is Peanut.

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